About Arrive Rides

arrive-icon-180x180Arrive Rides is a phone concierge service that allows people without smartphones to easily access on-demand ride services. We’re a small but dedicated group of people who care about helping seniors stay mobile and independent.

We want everyone associated with Arrive Rides to experience the freedom of reliable transportation without needing to be the one behind the wheel. Although Arrive is primarily considered a senior transportation solution, it’s available to anyone and everyone!

Arrive Rides Management Team


Amy Stice
Arrive Rides CEO / Co-Founder

Amy Stice founded Arrive Rides to allow her grandmother to maintain her freedom and independence without the need to drive a car, ask family and friends for a ride, or wait for an unreliable shuttle service. Amy realized that a relatively simple solution could solve a major problem for a large number of Americans, so she decided to build it herself.

Previously, Amy was Director of Marketing and Sales Operations at Borrego Solar Systems, the US’ third-largest commercial solar developer. She is a founding Board Emerita member of Oasis for Girls in San Francisco.

Amy has a BA in liberal arts from Whittier College.


liz-and-her-grandmaLiz Legg
Arrive Rides COO / Co-Founder

Liz joined Arrive Rides because she, too, understands the importance of providing reliable transportation options for people without smartphones. Liz is lucky enough to have both of her grandmothers in her life. In fact, one of them just turned 100 in 2016!

Liz is an entrepreneur at heart. Prior to starting Arrive with Amy, Liz helped start YourLife Education, a student travel company that took middle school students and their teacher chaperones on international, educational programs in 2016. Liz lead multiple trips to Costa Rica and Ireland and the UK in the summer of 2016 and is proud to have helped broaden the experiences of nearly 170 students.

Prior to YourLife, Liz worked as General Manager and Senior Product and Marketing Manager for BookRags.com, an online literature resource for students and teachers.

Liz has a Masters of Communications in Digital Media from the University of Washington in Seattle and a BA in English Lit. from Washington University in St, Louis.

Arrive Rides Advisory Board

Debbie Rosenbaum

Debbie has spent the majority of her career working at the intersection of technology, business and law — focusing primarily on start-ups. She currently is Lead Counsel at Oculus VR, part of Facebook. Previously, she served as Legal Counsel and Head of Legal at two start-up companies in San Francisco, and put in time at Google as well.

Debbie is also co-founder of SunLaw, a group for women in-house attorneys.

She graduated from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. Debbie enjoys spending her downtime in the great indoors with her two cats (and their seven total legs).