How to Give the Gift of Arrive Rides

  • Decide on the Amount of Your Gift. Existing members can receive a gift of any amount. Gift credits for new members are available starting at $100. We set this minimum amount to ensure new members don’t worry about running low on funds for at least a few round-trip rides. Ride costs vary based on time and distance. ‌
  • Order Online. You’ll tell us a little bit about who your loved one is and where you think they’d like to go. ‌
  • Select Your Gift Date. You’ll let us know on what day your loved one will open their present. (We don’t want to ruin any surprises!) ‌
  • Your Loved One Gets a Present. We’ll send a welcome package either to you or directly to your loved one. It will explain what the service is and how to use it. ‌
  • Introductory Phone Call. We’ll be in touch with your loved one to answer questions and customize their account. ‌
  • Enjoy the Freedom! Your loved one can now begin to take rides! They simply call us at 1-866-277-4838 between the hours of 9am and 6pm PST to order or schedule a ride!

This gift credit is only redeemable with Arrive Ride Services LLC. Credit is applied toward the gift recipient’s monthly subscription fees and purchase of rides. All services provided by Arrive Rides are subject to its Terms of Service.