Top 5 Reasons to Use Arrive Rides…EVEN IF YOU STILL DRIVE

So you own a car and still enjoy driving it? That’s great! If you’re a confident, capable driver, then – by all means – drive away.

Happy female driver

But even if you drive yourself most places, there are still times when it’s nice to have someone else chauffeur you to and fro. That’s why companies like Lyft and Uber have become so popular across all age groups: there are always times when it’s better to NOT drive yourself, even if you can.

Here are the top 5 reasons people who can still drive cars decide to become Arrive Rides members:

#5 – It’s cheaper than driving yourself!

Although this should be the #1 reason to consider a car service, many people don’t realize that it can actually be less expensive to hire a car than to own a car.  

Don’t believe me? Find out for yourself. This calculator lets you enter your car ownership costs and compare those to the costs of using a ride service like Arrive.

Granted, you’d have to give up your car entirely in order to realize these savings, but maybe hanging up the keys isn’t such a bad idea for people of all ages.

Sometimes it is cheaper to own your own car, but you might be surprised at what you’re actually paying. Give the calculator a try.

# 4 – Uncomfortable driving situations.

Many of our members are perfectly happy to drive themselves around their neighborhoods all day long. But when it starts getting dark, or they have to get on the freeway, or the weather is bad, they feel less confident. That’s when they turn to Arrive.

We’re just another transportation option. Drive when you want to, don’t drive when you feel uncomfortable or when you know you’ll be having a glass of wine with lunch!

#3 – Airport trips.

Nobody wants to drive to the airport, deal with parking, and pay those astronomical rates. Often a car service is cheaper than what you’d pay to park for the duration of your trip anyway. Plus, then you have to deal with the shuttle and your luggage…

And, let’s be honest, nobody enjoys driving friends and family members to the airport when they could be reading a book, watching TV…or just NOT driving someone to the airport.

#2 – Bad weather.

Even if you don’t mind driving in the elements, there’s still the issue of dashing through the parking lot to avoid getting wet. When you hire a ride, you get door-to-door service, and the car is already nice and warm when you hop in!

#1 – Parking.

This topic probably needs no explanation as we’ve all experienced the frustrations of trying to find a parking spot downtown, at a busy mall, at a giant medical complex, or – really – anywhere that’s not an empty, suburban strip mall.

The best part of taking a car service is that you don’t have to find or pay for parking. You just get dropped off at the front door.

If any of these situations rings true to you, consider signing up for Arrive Rides. For just $10/month you’ll have access to on-demand rides when you need them and still be able to drive yourself when you don’t.