Arrive Rides Testimonials

"I am a geriatrician and caregiver for my 94 year old mother. I heard about Arrive Rides through a professional organization, and began using the service for my mother. It’s changed my life. We had difficulty using Lyft and Uber because my mother does not use a cell phone, and can not wait outside until the ride comes. Drivers were leaving, she was late or missed appointments, and we were all frustrated. Arrive Rides has solved all of our issues. They call my mother when the driver is on the way so she knows to go outside. They will call the business where she is waiting to alert them to help my mother out and get into the car. It’s a fantastic service run by two smart, creative and empathic women. I can’t recommend it highly enough."
Michelle Dhanak, MD (Geriatrician, ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine)
Daughter of a member - El Cerrito, CA
"Just wanted to thank you for the huge relief, big fun, and even at times wild joy of being able to use your service for the first time yesterday. Cannot say how reassuring it is to have you smart and friendly humans making our arrangements, versus robots. All the drivers felt safe and reliable--plus the smart women driving us in to Berkeley and Oakland also offered humor, wisdom, and even bottled water and mints. We were also impressed with how expertly our Oakland-to-home driver negotiated routes and lanes to get us home in record time given the traffic. And the super convenient drop offs were way better than trying to hunt for scarce handicap parking. Big, big thanks and cheers."
Member - El Cerrito, CA
"I would like to express my gratitude to this organization. I am almost totally blind and do not drive. Due to your service, I have the freedom to go out in the evening and to places, where there is no public transportation without having to depend on friends or taxi cabs."
Marianne Haas
Member - Berkeley, CA
"My sisters and I are were concerned about our nearly 85 yr old mother driving. She had earlier self limited herself to only day time driving to very specific places, and as a result she was becoming very house bound and sedentary; neither of which are good. In the days of Uber and Lyft, we felt we had an obvious solution, get her a smartphone and those apps. She absolutely didn’t want to get a smartphone, and wanted to stick with her flip phone, thus our obvious solution wasn’t going to work. As a result I went online searching for a solution and happily found Arrive Rides. Not that it totally matters but I was also happy they were based locally. After reaching out to them, I got an email and I scheduled an interview with Liz. Liz patiently answered my million questions and set my mind at ease, and I signed my mom up that day. Initially my mom was a little apprehensive since it was all new to her, but she loves it. She’s now free to run errands, go to lunch and she’s even recently starting going to senior exercise classes. It gives her peace of mind, and also gives peace of mind to my sisters and myself. After she’s taken a trip I usually check in with her to see how it went, and she normally has said her drivers were great, and it was ‘easy peasy’ using the service."
Daughter of a member - Union City, CA
"My Mom is 91 years old and last year she decided to stop driving and asked me to sell her car for her. I heard about Arrive Rides on the radio and I called Amy. Amy is the best! She got my account set up, we created a profile of the main places my Mom goes, and I rode with my Mom the first two times to make sure she understood how it works. I told her, "Mom, this is the new way of calling for a taxi. You call Amy and tell her where you need to go. She will call (Uber or Lyft) and send the car for you. Instead of a yellow cab, a driver in a nice plain car will pull up and ask for you by name. Then they will drive you anywhere you need to go! You don't have to exchange any money. The fare is automatically charged to your credit card!" My Mom has been using Arrive rides for over a year now and she often says to me, "I really like my ride service!" I have even gone to pick up my Mom to go to lunch, and then call Arrive Rides to take her back home when I am pressed for time. Arrive Rides in the best!"
Kenny J.
Son of a member - Oakland, CA
"This service is just what my family was looking for our 84 year old mother. She no longer wanted to drive but didn’t want to lose her ability to be mobile. Yes- she still has a flip phone with no interest in getting a smart phone. This service is so easy. She calls Arrive and within minutes she has a car at her door. She always tells me how much she loves this service. I am so grateful for Arrive and highly recommend them."
Kristin L.
Daughter of a member - Fremont, CA
“I use this service for my mom. She loves it. She calls in when she needs a ride and they set everything up for her. Thanks Amy and Liz for your hard work in setting this up.”
Kim O.
Daughter of a member - Pawtucket, RI
“Arrive has consistently provided a timely ride for me when needed. I particularly like the idea of speaking with people at Arrive who know who you are. They go the extra mile to ensure that the driver picks you up and provides any needed assistance.”
Ken Smith
Member - San Diego, CA
“Just a small note from a big fan. No need to reply--just want to thank you again for the amazing way you all wrangle the Lyft system for us. Today we got a free recipe for fresh pineapple pie from one driver, and tips on taco trucks from another. Not to mention the comfy fast transport. By a thousand miles, this beats sitting in our own metal box fuming about the lack of handicap spaces. Thank you for opening the windows!!!!”
Member - El Cerrito, CA
“You are my favorite smart phone. :-)”
Melba B.
Member - Hayward, CA