Our First Presentation to Seniors: Rosewood Park

Hi, I’m Liz, one of the Arrive co-founders, and I wanted to tell you how our first formal presentation to potential customers went.

I presented to a group of residents at Rosewood Park Retirement and Assisted Living Residence last week. It was exciting to share our company and vision for it with potential customers in person, instead of over the phone.

After carefully preparing my slides (and practicing in front my cat), I took the train from Seattle to Portland to visit Rosewood Park. After a few delays while riding the rails, I encountered a full house. There were about 20 eager residents ready to hear more about Arrive Rides.

Rosewood Park in Hillsboro, OR

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get pictures of the residents themselves, but I did get some pictures of myself presenting. Lucky you!

Opening Slide: “Arrive”

My first goal was to explain how Uber and Lyft work. We’ve found that not everyone is familiar with the on-demand ride services, so it’s important to spend some time describing their ins and outs. Then, I outlined the problem with those services: that you can’t make a phone call to order a ride.

The problem? You can’t just call!

Which brought me to the solution: Arrive Rides!

Arrive allows its members to call a human being to order or schedule a ride. Many of the people we’ve talked to over the phone, as well as most of the people that attended this presentation, didn’t know you couldn’t just call Uber or Lyft for a ride. You can’t!

If you want to call, you need to call Arrive!

I went on to explain more about Arrive’s membership options and why we opted for a membership model in the first place: it allows us to appropriately staff the phone lines so that we never miss a call from a member looking for a ride.

Arrive is members-only so we can always answer the phone when you call.

I also went into detail about how exactly Arrive works: you can order a ride immediately or schedule one for later.

Call for a ride now or schedule one for the future. Arrive charges your credit card at the end of the day, so there’s no need to pay the driver directly.

It was a great start to a longer conversation. My audience had a lot of great questions and suggestions about how to explain the benefits of Arrive’s services. They were particularly interested that:

  • Someone will monitor each ride to make sure the pickup goes smoothly and members are taken where they need to go
  • The cost – even with the Arrive transaction fee – is usually less than a regular cab ride
  • Their loved-ones can help manage their online account with a separate login
  • They could reference physical brochures as I was talking!

Overall I met some wonderful people and got excellent feedback. My time in Hillsboro was well worth it and I look forward to my next formal presentation (where I will try to get pictures of more than just myself)!

The highlight of my trip was when a lady who had attended my presentation saw me waiting for my Uber about 1.5 hours after the presentation ended – I had been talking with the facility director during that time – and joked that she hoped I hadn’t been waiting for my car that entire time. I laughed and said, “Luckily I haven’t. That would certainly be bad for business!”