Five pickup locations that remind us why talking to the driver is important

If you’ve ever ordered an Uber for someone else, you know how nuts it can get to coordinate with the driver to find your friend. Well, that’s our whole job over here. We learned early on that we can’t just send a driver to an address—we need to tell the driver exactly where our rider will be waiting.

To make it easier on everyone, we keep a database on each member’s destinations, so that each person only describes their cardiologist’s front door in the medical complex once. Our notes get pretty elaborate, and we thought you might enjoy some:

5. From a medical complex in Boca Raton, where trees obscure the view of any building from the street…and from Google Satellite:

“Building is hidden. Tell driver that when s/he gets to the flashing orange light on Meadows Road, the rehab center is immediately to the right. [Member] waits inside the door with the green awning and American flag immediately outside.”

4. From the Kaiser medical center in Walnut Creek, which shares an address with the emergency room, down the block and around the corner:

“Pin will take driver to Emergency Department, but [Member] needs to be picked up at the medical center, just to the north of the hospital/ER. Driver should pull into the parking lot on Newell Avenue, between S. Main and S. California, and [Member] will meet them at the medical center entrance.”

3. From a Whole Foods market in Durham, NC, where traffic is chaotic in the parking lot adjacent to the front door:

“[Member] waits by the stairs on Perry St. near the intersection of Iredell and Perry Sts. (It’s behind the store.)”

2. From a dentist’s office in a medical complex in La Jolla, CA:

“Driver should go straight down the driveway leading into the complex and continue straight ahead into the parking garage. There’s a staircase on the left. [Member] comes down the elevator, which is right next to the staircase. Tell driver to pick up at the staircase.”

1. From a retail store in Berkeley, CA—a favorite of a member of ours who is blind:

“Pickup is in the small parking lot that parallels Delaware Street between Fourth and Fifth. Driver must turn off Fourth into the parking lot entrance at Crate and Barrel (across from Peet’s; NOT the big parking lot north of Z Gallerie). [The store] doesn’t show up on Google Maps, but it’s next to the Mephisto shoe store. Store phone number: 510-XXX-XXXX.”