“Hi, I’m at my normal spot, and am doing the usual.”

I know exactly what this means when Ann calls. She’s standing in front of a cafe in San Francisco and is being taken to an office downtown. She doesn’t even say her name, because she knows her cell phone number is saved in our system, and Ann NEVER has time for chit-chat.

I’ve probably dispatched that ride for her 50 times over the last year and a half. The question is, how can we stay close to this level of service as the number of members we’re serving grows?

We’re obsessed with getting this right. In Ann’s profile record, I have a note about what her “usual” ride is. We have a note that she usually has her collapsible cart with her. We’ve added nicknames to the pickup and dropoff spots, so a new concierge can search “Usual” and come up with them. 

We know that we’re not going to know our 500th customer quite as well as we know Numbers 1 through 100. But we think it’s super-important that we make riding as easy as possible for all of our members, and that means talking to every single one of them when they become customers, taking great notes to customize their experiences, and knowing where they like to go…because no one should need to ever memorize the address of the grocery store around the corner.