How to make a tough job tougher

When I order myself a ride from home—using my iPhone—the driver tends to pull up to my neighbor’s house, a few doors down. It’s just the GPS being a little wonky on our street. That’s no problem for me; I just trot over there and hop in. But of course many of our members can’t do that, which is why we get on the phone with the driver and ask them to pull into the driveway, or right up to the front door of a business.
What do you do when you want really good service for a friend or family member? You’re extra-nice to the provider, right?
So when we call the driver, we’re always super-courteous. After all, we’re asking a favor. And we know kind behavior is passed along. If I snap at a driver that he’s in the wrong place, he’s definitely not going to feel very chatty with our member once she’s in the car. And if it turns out that our member has gone inside to use the restroom, it’s more likely he’ll wait for her if we’re having a nice chat.
I know picking me up from my house (or, rather, my neighbor’s house!) is easier for a Lyft driver than finding one of our members at the back entrance to a Kaiser building. But I like to think that our conversation—a friendly, thankful one that lets the driver know that what he’s doing is important to me and my “friend”—makes up for it a little bit.