What makes an Arrive (not GoGo) member

When I meet someone new who works in senior services and explain what Arrive does, they often say, “Oh, you’re like GoGoGrandparent.”

We’re not, I emphatically tell them. GoGoGrandparent is a great service, and I sometimes refer interested riders to them. But if GoGoGrandparent worked for everyone, I wouldn’t have bothered to launch Arrive…I’d be working in a job with a 401(k) and better hours! Instead, I decided to start something to help out my grandmother, who turned 93 in February. Let me tell you why she’s an Arrive customer, not a GoGoGrandparent customer:

My grandmother and her “backup” drivers.

She’s not super-fluent with her cell phone.

She can make calls on it, but if she receives a text message she essentially considers it frozen until someone else clears the message for her. She can’t be reliant on needing the phone to get anything done. As an Arrive member, she can call us from any phone—including a landline—to get a ride.

She’s independent and can handle her own business.

GoGo offers family members the option to receive an alert when their rider reaches their destination. Arrive’s riders value the freedom and privacy that our service provides. They don’t necessarily want to let their adult children know what they’re doing with their day. We take our members’ confidentiality very seriously.

She feels safe and cared-for.

When she orders a ride through Arrive, we ask her what she’s wearing and where exactly she’ll wait for the driver. We then call the driver directly and let them know how to identify her. Since the cars are GPS-equipped, we can watch the driver on approach to her and make sure the pickup goes smoothly—talking to both the driver and the member if there’s any confusion or delay at all.

She appreciates the luxury of being looked after.

My generation grew up with outsourced call centers and online complaint forms, but our members didn’t. Arrive members know that when they call our phone line they’ll immediately be connected to a friendly concierge who knows all of their preferences and ride history, and who is empowered to improve the member’s day. They can tell us that they’d like to go to a hair salon “near that restaurant I went to last week,” and we can figure it out for them.


So who do I refer to GoGoGrandparent? Mostly people who need rides 24 hours a day. (We’re open from 9 am – 6 pm Pacific time, seven days a week, for on-demand rides, although also dispatch scheduled rides outside of those hours.) People who have cell phones and are confident in navigating text messages, calling drivers directly and wholly managing their own travel are ideal candidates for GoGo’s services. One day we’ll be open 24 hours, but until then we’ll focus on providing top-notch service to our members—and salute ALL companies who are making an impact on transportation options for seniors.