Meet an Arrive concierge: Amanda

This is Amanda. Amanda recently learned that her seven-year-old daughter found some old blank birthday party invitations, filled them in and handed them out on her own—inviting her classmates for a 7 am pool party at Amanda’s apartment complex. (Luckily, a thoughtful mom confirmed the unusual start time with Amanda at school dropoff last week.)

This doesn’t surprise me, given that this child is being raised by a go-getter like Amanda. Amanda was one of Arrive’s very first concierge hires. We couldn’t NOT hire her—she kept emailing and calling about the position! That tenacity assured me that she would always advocate on behalf of our members, and we haven’t been let down.

“I decided I HAD to work for this company,” Amanda says. “When my own father lost his vision and his ability to drive, he would tell me how he felt he lost a lot of his freedom and how restricted he felt. Arrive was providing a service I fully believed in and could stand behind proudly.”

Amanda takes her job of connecting riders to drivers very seriously, and is tenacious in ensuring that pickups go smoothly for our members. But her favorite part of the job is the social aspect.

“We have great customers, and I love that I can assist them in getting out and being active,” she says. “I love when they share a bit about themselves and their life with me and let me be a part of their day.”

Dispatching rides for Arrive members is the calmest part of Amanda’s day; she has a high-schooler, that ambitious first-grader and a toddler at home. While she says she’s an avid reader, her “guilty pleasure” is adult coloring books.