Meet an Arrive member: Amanda

Amanda is an Arrive Rides pioneer. Not only is she one of our first members – she joined the same month we launched – she’s our very first East Coast member and has been getting rides all over Durham, NC for the better part of a year!

Where does she go?

One of Amanda’s most frequent trips is to the yoga studio. She does her best to make it to three yoga classes a week and, if she doesn’t make it out, tries to do at least a few poses at home every day.

Yoga has been central to Amanda’s life since she gave birth to her daughter 53 years ago. She decided to start yoga as a way to be a better mother. Yoga gave her a reason to get out of the house, connect with the world, and take care of herself both physically and spiritually. Yoga taught Amanda how to be calm, centered, and relaxed – all qualities she felt a good mom should possess.

Amanda’s daughter has made yoga her life’s work and Amanda couldn’t be happier. Amanda is certain it’s because she exposed her daughter to yoga at such a young age.

Even today, Amanda says that yoga, “[allows me to] bring as much of myself to the world as I can – in a positive way and with an open heart.” She still loves yoga because you can do it anywhere and you don’t need to know much to start.

The philosophy of yoga is that it’s a “practice” because you will never be perfect. It’s not about competition, or doing what your neighbor is doing. It’s about doing what you can do and challenging yourself.

Amanda encourages people to try yoga because, as she says, “you don’t have to do a lot. Even a little bit helps. Just do what you can…one, two, three postures – don’t try to do them [at] the hardest [level], just gradually get into them.”

“Be gentle with yourself,” Amanda says, “It’s also about loving yourself just the way your are.”

Amanda takes that idea to heart. After more than 50 years of yoga, her favorite pose is still Child’s Pose, a simple, resting pose that leaves her relaxed and stretched out.

Amanda also likes Tree Pose even though balance postures are hard for her. She says that although she’s not very good at it, she enjoys Tree because, “if I can do it, it feels great!”

Whether it’s yoga or something else you enjoy, Amanda encourages you get out in the world and try it. And don’t get discouraged if you’re not “good” at it or you can’t dedicate a lot of time to it.

“Like anything you set yourself on a path to do, you’re gonna fall off. And it’s so important – so much more important – to just start it again. Just start with something simple,” Amanda advises. You may not become a yoga instructor, but you’ll be a little bit better than you were yesterday, and that’s what matters.