“My mom doesn’t want to drive anymore, and I’m trying to figure out what our options are.”

This is how almost all of the calls to our general information line (866-626-9879) begin. Our callers are often nervous and stressed. They are going through a big life change–one that often requires community to step up and help out.

We talk to each of our callers about the independence and safety of their parents, because today’s transportation options run the gamut of care.

  • Level 1: Use a smartphone and request rides yourself. We’ve seen that 73% of Americans over 65 don’t have a smartphone, but that number will decline. Some senior centers offer tutorials on how to access on-demand rides via apps.
  • Level 2: Use an automated company, like GoGoGrandparent. These companies basically turn your mobile phone into an app. You’ll dial a phone number then press a numeric code for pickup. GoGoGrandparent charges $0.27 for each minute that you’re in the car.
  • Level 3: Arrive Rides. We’re the only on-demand concierge service, so our members call a designated toll-free number and talk to a friendly person who will handle all of the technology for their ride.

    • Our members don’t need a cell phone; they can call in from any phone and just let us know where they are.

    • We let them know what kind of car is coming and when, then call the driver to make sure our member gets a smooth pickup. (“Mary is waiting at the bench in front of the valet parking sign, and she’s wearing a red shirt. She’s going to need a hand with her seatbelt.”)

    • We watch the pickup (using GPS) to see that our member is picked up safely.

Our membership fee is $10/month, ensuring that we always have enough concierges on hand to take care of whomever decides they want to ride that day, and we charge a flat $3/ride on top of the Lyft and Uber fees.

We take pride in knowing we provide top-notch service for our members, and their adult children feel safer knowing that real people are watching out during each and every ride that their parents take.