Welcome to our new concierges!

Almost since our launch, it’s been just three of us dispatching rides for our members. I just checked: that’s 11,493 rides that have gone out under the watchful eye of Liz, Amanda or myself. PHEW.
But we knew this day would come. It’s time to bring on more help. We were super-nervous about doing so, because we consider ourselves experts at dispatching rides for our members. (Twenty months of working seven days a week will do that to you.)
We didn’t take this hiring lightly, and are so excited for you to talk with the wonderful women we hired. We’ll introduce them soon, after they’ve settled in a bit. Liz has been putting them through eight hours of one-on-one, in-person training before they even take their first phone calls. Tomorrow is Julie’s first day on the job! If you call in, please be extra-kind.
Meanwhile, I hope you’re also making changes that let you spend more quality time with your friends and family.