YES! Arrive CAN arrange airport trips for our members!

Since we’re coming up on the holiday season, we want to share a few tips to make your airport rides easier:

  • Let us know what airline you’re flying. We want to drop you off and pick you up as close to your gate as possible!
  • Confirm we can give you a ride in your destination city. If you’re planning to use Arrive to get around while on your trip, give us a call before you leave so we can make sure our services are available there.
  • Look for the Lyft/Uber pickup zone at the airport. Most major airports now have designated areas to catch an on-demand ride. We can look up the pickup location for you, but it’s often easier for you to ask someone in the airport for directions. Those pickup zones are the ONLY area to which we can send a car.
  • Collect your baggage and go to your pickup zone before calling us. Most major airports have dozens of cars staged nearby, so you will only wait a few minutes for a ride.