About Arrive Rides

In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to spend more time with my grandmother, Nina, who lives locally. Nina was 91 years old at the time, and still drove herself to church and the local library. But she was nervous to drive on the freeway, which put her doctors, hairstylist and the movie theater out of reach.


Co-founder and CEO Amy Stice, with Nina

Nina’s sure on her feet and mentally sharp—all she needed was a ride. And she has daughters who live nearby, but didn’t always want to ask them to take the time to accompany her to a haircut. She could do what I do—order an Uber—but would need to buy (and learn to use!) a smartphone to do so.

So we experimented with me ordering rides for her. I’d use my phone to summon her an Uber, then call the driver and explain that she was picking up my grandmother. If Nina was at home, I’d ask the driver to pull down her steep driveway to the front door instead of meeting her at the curb. If Nina was leaving the movie theater, I’d tell the driver what she was wearing, so he could spot her on the sidewalk.


Co-founder and COO Liz Legg, with her grandmother

It occurred to me that other families must be doing the same thing—stepping out of meetings to navigate drivers to find their parents, and worrying until they got the notification that the driver and rider had connected.

So Arrive Rides was born. We’re doing what you’d be doing for your parents, if you could always be available by phone. We learn what they look like and their ride preferences. We chat with them on the phone, order the ride, talk to the driver and monitor the pickup so no one gets left behind.

We bring you—and them—peace of mind.