What is Arrive Rides?

Arrive Rides is a members-only, on-demand ride concierge service. When you need a ride somewhere, just give us a call and we’ll order a car to pick you up.

For general questions or to sign up, call: 1-866-626-9879

To order a ride, call: 1-866-ARRIVE-8 (1-866-277-4838)

What makes Arrive different from other ride options?

Arrive Rides uses the same on-demand car services you’ve heard about – like Uber and Lyft – but makes them accessible to users without smartphones.

When you call Arrive Rides, you’ll talk to a real person who will confirm your pickup location, order a car for you, and tell you when the car will arrive. 

We send your destination directly to the driver, so you won’t need to worry about giving directions or answering questions about where you’re going once you’re in the car.

When your ride is over, you don’t need to worry about paying the driver. We take care of payments on our end and email you a receipt after each ride.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up online right now, or you can call us between 9am and 6pm PST at 1-866-626-9879 and we can sign you up over the phone. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why do you have two phone numbers?

We are committed to have a real, live person answer the phone every time a member calls for a ride.

We strive to answer every call that we receive right away, but sometimes – if all of our concierges are helping members who need immediate assistance – we can’t answer the general information line right away. Instead of keeping you on hold, we request that you leave a message. We promise to return your call as soon as we can.

This helps us keep things moving smoothly and ensures everyone is out and about (on their way home!) when they want to be.

For general questions or to sign up, call: 1-866-626-9879

To order a ride, call: 1-866-ARRIVE-8 (1-866-277-4838)

Is Arrive Rides available 24/7?

Arrive’s phone line is open from 9 am – 6 pm Pacific Time, seven days a week. We expect to expand these hours as we grow. If you need a ride outside of these hours, you can schedule a pickup in advance by calling 1-866-ARRIVE-8 (1-866-277-4838) during normal business hours.

Where does Arrive operate?

We can order rides anywhere Uber and Lyft operate. Check the links below for the currently-available cities:

Uber cities

Lyft cities

Why is there an introductory phone call?

We treat Arrive members as very special people, and want to make sure that we’re always going to be able to provide top-notch service. Therefore, we have an introductory phone conversation before the start of service. In that interview, we collect information about your most commonly-visited destinations so we can store those addresses in our database and make it easier for you when you’re ready to be picked up. You can tell us, “I need a ride to the library,” and we’ll already know to which library you’d like to visit. We also want to make sure we understand any mobility concerns so that we always send you an appropriate car and driver.

Who will my driver be?

Arrive Rides utilizes existing, on-demand ride services and works within their reservation systems to send a car to you. We only work with established companies–Uber and Lyft–whose core business is dispatching drivers to users through a smartphone app. Drivers are independent contractors who have undergone a background check, a driving record check and a car inspection prior to being hired.

For more information about safety, read what Uber and Lyft have to say for themselves.

How do I pay my driver?

We’ll pay the driver directly using the credit card that you place on file with us. You are not required to carry cash nor tip the driver. However, if you have excellent service, a small gratuity is welcome.

How does Arrive handle "surge" and "prime time" pricing?

Uber and Lyft sometime increase pricing when demand is high. Uber calls it “surge pricing” and Lyft calls it “prime time.” In order to make sure your costs are transparent, Arrive will do these things when this pricing is in effect:

  1. When you call to order a ride, we will inform you of the higher pricing and give you an accurate fare estimate so you can decide whether you want to continue with the trip.
  2. We will call any scheduled rides before dispatching them to let you know about the price difference. If you don’t answer the phone, we will schedule the ride as planned.

What about wheelchairs, walkers, and people who need additional assistance?

Arrive Rides strives to make transportation as accessible as possible. However, we are limited by the services that Uber and Lyft offer.

As long as you can get in and out of a car on your own, you should be able to use Arrive!

Walkers and wheelchairs that can be folded and placed into a standard trunk will fit in most cars and drivers can help you store your equipment during the ride.

In many cities, we’re also able to order UberASSIST cars. These are standard, sedan-style cars, but the drivers are trained to provide additional assistance to passengers who need help getting to and from the car.

Unfortunately, we are not able order wheelchair accessible vehicles at this time. We hope to offer this in the future.

If you have any questions about your specific needs, please give us a call at 1-866-626-9879 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help you.

How does the cost of Arrive compare to maintaining my own car?

Arrive’s concierge service starts at just $10/month. The average Arrive member, taking ten rides per month, will spend about $1,500 per year. According to AAA, the average annual cost of car ownership in the United States in 2015 was $8,698. That means Arrive members save over 85% per year – without the hassle of driving.

Do you have other questions?

If we didn’t answer your questions here, please let us know.

You can call us between 9am and 6pm Pacific Time at 1-866-626-9879 with questions or to sign up (to order a ride, call 1-866-ARRIVE-8), send us an email anytime at , or contact us directly from the website. We’d love to hear from you!